About us

My name is Rebecca, I am a stay at home mum with two children under the age of 4.
Both of the little ones love bath time, they also love having a fizzing bath bomb to add some scent and colour to the water, I have to confess to also enjoying some peace and quiet in the bath at the end of a long day!

Whilst we had no issues with the standard bath bombs available, I did become aware of what chemicals were in these items and therefore we were putting on my childrens skin. That lead me to finding that the chemical SLS is present in a lot of those products. I have written a small piece on another page about this chemical and the harshness of it and the damage and irritation it can cause to our skin.

I only want the best for my children and therefore after plenty of research I found that there is a natural, kinder but more expensive substitute for this chemical. This substitute is derived from coconut oil and is still widely used but not by the bigger firms due to its higher cost.

Well that leads me to where we are now. I have been making bath bombs and bubble bars for my children and myself for a little while, this has grown to supplying family and friends who have all also loved them.
We thought that maybe we should share these items further afield, after a really positive response from Facebook we have now started this page.....

Thats where our passion comes from, we love what we do and the products we produce. We really hope you like them too....